What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and build neighborhood networks for at-risk youth.  We can best achieve this through community outreach by members who understand better than anyone else the troubled areas close to home.  In Strawberry Mansion our most valued asset is our experience and the wisdom obtained from it.  We recognize how early the ideas of injustice and unfairness are absorbed by our children and our mission is to change this.  Economics is the foundation for education. Our mission is to provide tangible support for families with young children through campaigns like back-to-school backpack drives and campaigns to help stock classrooms with the tools for learning.  Our young people also require support in rebuilding a positive sense of self-worth through reading programs and extensive mentoring where trust can be established and maintained.  Primarily, we must do whatever is necessary to mitigate the unacceptable loss of life, liberty and pursuit of excellence within our communities.  Our goal is to rebuild what is and what has been broken in our community and save lives.